Apple Store in Chisinau?

Some facts: 71 million people visited Apple’s retail stores during the March quarter, which is about same amount of people that paid to attend a Major League Baseball game last season (73 million)
* In late 2009, Apple boasted that its stores brought in $4,300 per square foot, which was 5X the $872 per square foot that Best Buy did at the time
* In 2009,  Apple said that 10, 000 people submitted applications to work at its new store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side,  according to Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan., Of those,  just over 200 got jobs,  for a 2% acceptance rate.
* The smallest Apple Store is at Santa Rosa Plaza in California
* Overall,  it costs about $1 million to build out a mall store,  $8-10 million to build out an impressive store,  and $20-40 million to build out a crazy-impressive store,

I took this photograph on Rosenstraße in Munich, Germany. In a month or two, something similar should appear in Chisinau, Moldova.

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