Green Mustache Cat
Starting today, the World Cat Conspirative Order seized control of this domain and I am forced to publish interesting pictures with their members on a regular basis. I generally meet cats everywhere I go. They ask me how am I doing and what news am I bringing, whom I’ve met and worked with and, at the end of our conversation, they always ask me for a picture — for their family album, of course. And because it’s rude to refuse a cat, I immediately take one or two pictures and email them via intermiaunet.
Today please meet Marru. Marru is born in Syria but has Turkish nationality. Her green mustache hyped her in 1999-2003 as a guest starring on the covers of many magazines!  As you might have guessed, there is more trivia about moustache .
• Burt Reynolds’s iconic moustache has nearly 4,000 Facebook fans
• Mustache hair grows faster than any other body hair. It sprouts more in spring and summer than in autumn and winter
• In 1967, the Beatles wore moustaches on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and enclosed cardboard versions within. Paul McCartney explained his Sgt. Pepper ’stache as a pragmatic response to a tumble from a moped in 1966: It hid his swollen lip
• In a 2008 poll from the British newspaper The Guardian, 61 percent of respondents found the moustache to be gentlemanly and sophisticated, while 39 percent believed it was worn only by fools and fiends
• A mustache is capable of absorbing 20 percent of its own weight in liquid
• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered as “one of the most influential moustached Americans in history” by the American Mustache Institute
• Ninety percent of men shave once a day. Shaving uses up a total of five months of a man’s life if he starts at the age of 14
• The average human male has about five million follicles—roughly three times as many as the gorilla, but still less than the chimpanzee
As for today’s music, I think that nothing would fit better than Duetto buffo di due gatti  by Gioachino Rossini and interpreted by Elisabeth Söderström and Kerstin Meyer.
Turn on the sound louder and have a beautiful Sunday!
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