Notes from underground — I


Notes from underground — a candid picture series from subway stations around the world. One picture every week! Now enjoy some curious facts:
• In Japan, there are special metro cars reserved especially for women. Other countries including Egypt, India, Iran, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Dubai have also implemented women-only sections of transportation in order to combat issues of personal safety during travel.
• The Seoul metro is the world’s largest in terms of passenger-route length. The New York City system is technically longer in terms of track length, but much of New York’s track is unused for passenger travel — making Seoul’s subway the largest in terms of passenger-track length.
• The Arsenalna metro station in Kiev, Ukraine, is the world’s deepest, at 346 feet (105.5 meters) underground
• The word “metro” actually comes from an abbreviated form of the “Paris Metropolitan”
• The Pyongyang metro in North Korea costs 5 KP₩ (about $0.03) per ticket. Much like Russia, there are also reports of a secret secondary metro system located in Pyongyang.

Today’s song is great for listening to in any metro station in the world : ) A perfect track from Tesla Boy to put on continuous loop at home or in the office!
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Notes from underground — I
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